seo – search engine optimisation

In a nutshell SEO is a whole bunch of stuff you have to do On and Offline in and around your website to get noticed by google, liked by google and ranked by google.  There’s an old joke in the SEO world ‘How do you hide a dead body? On page two’.  Trust me you don’t want to be on page two. You want to be dominating page one so whoever is searching has no choice but to click on your site.  SEO is a process that takes patience and time, but overtime with a solid SEO strategy you will notice the phone is ringing more often.



  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • On Page Optimisation – We optimise your website while we build it so search engines understand what your content is about and what search terms to rank your site for.
  • Off page SEO – We build links from other high ranking websites to your website to increase your site’s authority with google
  • Local Search Setup –  a Google Business Listing
  • Sitemap Submission – shows your up to date pages to google
  • Speed Optimisation – google likes fast sites as much as you do
  • Reporting/Analytics – gain easy insights into how your website is performing
  • Updated content – We make regular updates to increase search engine visibility. This includes new images, promotions, pages, products, blogs, landing pages
Ongoing SEO Campaign

Often a long term plan is needed to get you on page one of Google (and your prospective clients), and to keep you there. To achieve this we will come up with a solid plan to continually optimise your site for search engines. We include monthly reporting that show you how well your site's SEO tactics are performing, so you can see how high your site ranks in Google search results for terms related to your business, brand and products.

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