website design


Without a modern website your business doesn’t stand  a chance against your competition in the online search world.  Right now someone is looking for your services, if they can’t find you online they will find your competitors.  Having a sharp mobile friendly website is a no brainer, if you don’t think you need one you are operating in dark ages.  A solid website  gives you creditability.  At the very least its an online business card that showcases who you are, what you do and how good your work is.  Its a landing point for overseas and out of town customers to find you and get a first impression before they pick up the phone.  It’s the new of mouth for digital world. Not everyone is going to have a friend that knows you but google is your friend that knows everybody.


What to expect

  • A robust, modern website built on the WordPress platform
  • Custom website design
  • Responsive design (displays on mobile and all other interfaces)
  • SSL (Secure site certificate deeming your site safe & secure)
  • Speed Optimisation
  • Full training on using your WordPress CMS (content management system)

search engine optimisation – seo


In a nutshell SEO is a whole bunch of stuff you have to do On and Offline in and around your website to get noticed by google, liked by google and ranked by google.  There’s an old joke in the SEO world ‘How do you hide a dead body? On page two’.  Trust me you don’t want to be on page two. You want to be dominating page one so whoever is searching has no choice but to click on your site.  SEO is a process that takes patience and time, but overtime with a solid SEO strategy you will notice the phone is ringing more often.

online marketing


Online marketing is coming up with unique and personalised marketing strategies to generate as much traffic to your website which in turn generates more phone calls, more jobs and more money in your pocket.  This is SEO in action.  First thing we do is identify who your customers are, how they search and what it is exactly they are searching for.  No matter how good you and your business if its not on googles radar it might as well be invisible.  At the end of the day you are in sales. Your selling your self to be the best and most qualified person for the job, your selling yourself as someone that can be trusted to be let in somebody’s home and work on their biggest asset and you are selling a solution to someones problem, be it a leaky roof or ugly colour of paint on the kitchen walls.  You can be somebodies knight in shining armour, as long as they can find you!


Social Media Advertising
Advertising on Facebook and Instagram isn’t anything new but it still blows me away how many Tradies and Small Businesses are not taking advantage if this.  Your customers spend most of their time on Facebook. There is no other form of advertising that targets your future customers with such accuracy.  If you really know your customers and have good content on your Facebook page its impossible not to generate more traffic to your website.


Google Adwords
When you search for anything on Google you will notice the first three search results that come up at the top of the page are paid to be to be there.  These are Google Ads.  Google Ads are a fast an effective way to generate more leads for your services.  There is a reason why over one million businesses use Google Ads.  Because they work. Google Ads target people that are actively looking for your services or what you are selling.  It’s not like the old days where you put an ad in the local paper and every Tom, Dick and Harry see’s your ad.  With Google Ads only people who want or need your services will see your ad. You set a daily budget of how much you want to spend and you pay every time somebody clicks on your ad and is directed to your Website.  With good SEO and a good  Google Ad  campaign you can dominate the first page of Google’s search results.


Email Campaigns
If you already have a list of clients with emails, or you want to start building one, this is a great way to keep in contact with clients. Sending out regular email with helpful industry information and tips, company updates and specials is another way you can reach out to clients and remind them about you and what you offer. A big part of marketing is keeping your company in people’s minds, so they think of you first when they need help.

social media management


Did you know on average most people are on Facebook at least fifteen times a day. You can search for anything, anyone and anytime on Facebook. No matter who your customers are you can bet they are on Facebook.  Thats why you need to have an epic Facebook profile for your business.  It needs to be updated regularly  show casing all your latest work and letting people know what your up to and what an awesome business you have.  If you are a Sole Trader or Small Business Owner your time is no doubt already stretched.  We can manage your business Facebook and Instagram accounts, create refreshing and unique content to keep your clients and potential clients engaged and following what you are up to.

content creation / copywriting


Content is king these days. Your Website and Social Media accounts have to have up to date interesting and engaging content.  If not Google will lose interest in you and you will be slip down the rankings into obscurity.  Your content has to be specific to what services and products you are selling, as well as including keywords that are driving people to your site, and in some cases, driving them to different pages on your site for specific keywords.

branding / printed marketing material


The foundation of any successful business is a strong identity. Your brand should tell your story, as well as being easy to interpret and memorable. After plenty of research and creative sparks, your resulting brand will define your business feel and this will be used across different mediums such as business cards and flyers.

stock photography


Great looking photos will play a big part in creating that ‘wow’ factor on your website. If you’re on a tight budget and don’t want to spend money on professional photography, we can give you the next best thing. These Royalty Free stock photos will be carefully chosen to reflect the nature of your business and look ‘real’. These photos will be yours to keep, for use on social media, in printed marketing material such as brochures, and anywhere else you choose.

ecommerce website


Your own online store. If you have a product or service to sell online, this is what you need. A robust system to display your goods with a top notch payment system.  There are countless ways to set up your store to make it unique for your business needs, and to suit your target audience. Usability and user experience come into play massively with an online store, the store must be easy to navigate and easy to use. There’s various ways we can make it simple for the both the user, and for you to manage. Full training will be provided so you can update products, incorporate sales etc, add new products, and of course keep track of orders, along with website traffic statistics. We will work alongside you to market your store and suggest ways to increase traffic.

website hosting and maintenance


To be online you firstly need a domain name, and a server to host it on. All of our hosting comes with a SSL certificate (deeming your site safe and secure), Professional Email Addresses and ongoing support. And like anything in life, it’s a good idea to look after it too. We offer monthly maintenance for your website. This means you get peace of mind by keeping your website regularly backed up and protected, and it’s software up to date. Fresh and updated websites are proven to increase traffic, boost sales, strengthen brand authority and help you communicate better with your clients. Talk to us about monthly package options to suit your needs.


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